I work in theoretical computer science. My research focuses on problems at the intersection of cryptography, game theory and computational complexity.

Since November 2016 I am a Postdoctoral Fellow hosted by Alon Rosen in the FACT center at IDC Herzliya, Israel.
Before that I spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow hosted by Moni Naor at the Weizmann Institute of Science supported by the Israeli Center of Research Excellence in Algorithms.
I received my PhD in September 2014 at the Aarhus University working in the Aarhus Crypto group supervised by Jesper Buus Nielsen.

[NEWS] In fall 2017, I will join as an assistant professor at the Computer Science Institute of the Charles University in Prague.


  • Tortoise and Hares Consensus:
    the Meshcash Framework for Incentive-Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies

    Iddo Bentov, Pavel Hubáček, Tal Moran, and Asaf Nadler
    [full version]


  • The Journey from NP to TFNP Hardness
    Pavel Hubáček, Moni Naor and Eylon Yogev
    8th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science – ITCS 2017 (honorary invited paper)
    [full version]
  • Hardness of Continuous Local Search:
    Query Complexity and Cryptographic Lower Bounds
    Pavel Hubáček and Eylon Yogev
    28th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms – SODA 2017
    [full version]
  • Rational Sumchecks
    Siyao Guo, Pavel Hubáček, Alon Rosen and Margarita Vald
    13th IACR Theory of Cryptography ConferenceTCC 2016-A
    [full version]
  • When Can Limited Randomness Be Used in Repeated Games?
    Pavel Hubáček, Moni Naor and Jonathan Ullman
    8th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game TheorySAGT 2015
    Invited to the special issue of Theory of Computing Systems for SAGT 2014/15

    [full version] [journal version]
  • On the Communication Complexity of Secure Function Evaluation with Long Output
    Pavel Hubáček and Daniel Wichs
    6th Innovations in Theoretical Computer ScienceITCS 2015
    [full version]
  • Cryptographically Blinded Games:
    Leveraging Players’ Limitations for Equilibria and Profit
    Pavel Hubáček and Sunoo Park
    15th ACM Conference on Economics and ComputationEC 2014
    [full version]
  • Rational Arguments:
    Single Round Delegation with Sublinear Verification
    Siyao Guo, Pavel Hubáček, Alon Rosen and Margarita Vald
    5th Innovations in Theoretical Computer ScienceITCS 2014
    [full version]
  • Limits on the Power of Cryptographic Cheap Talk
    Pavel Hubáček, Jesper Buus Nielsen and Alon Rosen
    33rd Annual Cryptology ConferenceCRYPTO 2013
    [full version]